What do our students think about the core curriculum called the Foundations Development Program at Sabancı University? You can read and watch the experiences of our students below.

"When I was admitted into Sabanci University, I was not aware that the core curriculum system would be that different from any conventional university first-year introductory courses."
"I knew Sabancı University stands out on nanotechnology and provides good education with its academic staff and the infrastructure opportunities of the SUNUM facility."
"I always want to study engineering since I like math and science. Nevertheless, I did not expect to love other courses which are related to history, global trends, and literature."
"After taking these courses, I have become much more educated on worldwide issues which have allowed me to choose certain points of views that I now support in order to discuss with different people."
"Deciding my major was a bit complicated. Initially, I intended to study Industrial Engineering."
"As a result, the first-year university courses gave me a perspective based on critical thinking and interdisciplinary approaches."
"I decided that I really like coding and the concept of solving problems with the help of computers."
"My dream for years is to become an academician in one of the fields of social sciences."