st1Before coming to Sabancı University, I wanted to study Physics, but I could not be sure about what I wanted. Sabancı provides me to recognize all fields so that I can get an opinion.

I prefer to come to Sabancı because freshman courses are prepared from the core curriculum. Still, I have one more semester to decide though I feel closer to Material Sciences and Nanotechnology Engineering.  I participate in the PURE projects for summer to become more used to Material Science. Also, I think that it is helpful to study with professors, students and get their ideas. For the upcoming semester, I plan to take more advanced and specific lessons. Then, I can confidently declare my major without any hesitation.

I have always wanted to study engineering since I like math and science. Nevertheless, I did not expect to love other courses which are related to history, global trends, and literature. I have really enjoyed developing social skills even I struggled a lot in these lectures. After my first year at Sabancı University, I can confidentially say that I have become more conscious of the world. Even though we think that it does not relate to our major studies, everything we develop in our education makes us better people. I think that university is not only for education but also it shapes our personality. That's why it is important to be aware of what's going on in the world. Briefly, different disciplines help to develop different perspectives and that's what freshman courses provide students.

Sena Türker
July 30, 2021