Sabancı University, Foundation Development Program Instructor Muhsin Yanar’s new book Don DeLillo and Meta-Human was published by Transnational Press London on December 13, 2021.


In Don DeLillo and Meta-Human, Muhsin Yanar examines how people are commoditized in the media- and techno-saturated society, first through the story of the Gladney family who “shop for its own sake” in the supermarkets as sacred places, where they feel at ease, secure, and contended; and secondly through the story of a famous rock star Bucky Wunderlick who quit music in the mid-tour and secludes himself in an unfurnished apartment, and finally through the story of a 28-year-old successful TV producer David Bell, who takes a piritual journey to the “heartland of America” in pursuit of an authentic environment and life. Yanar, in his book explores how people as “one-dimensional” and/or “silent masses” identify with the commodities they consume and how their insatiable consumption wishes and desires transform them into these commodities. The book, within this context, depicts a modern “wasteland”, landscapes of commodified individuals entrapped while escaping.


Author Bio

Muhsin Yanar works as a Doctor Instructor in the Foundations Development Directorate at Sabancı University, and teaches “Major Works of Literature” and “Major Works of Literature: The World Before Modernity”. His research areas are Posthumanism, Transhumanism, gender studies, and violence in Contemporary English/American Fiction. He has articles and book chapters in various national and international journals/books on these topics. “Posthumanism in Don DeLillo’s Zero K and Ian McEwan's Machines Like Me” in Posthumanism in Literature (published in 2021), “Posthumanism and Gender Problem” in Posthumanism in Multidisciplinary, and “A Posthumanist Call against Violence in Don DeLillo Oeuvre” in Representations of Violence in Literature, Culture, and Arts (to be published by Transnational Press London in February 2022) are among his latest publications. His current working projects are “Posthumanist Ethics in Contemporary English/American Fiction” and “Post-, Transhumans: Alternatives and Remodeling of Humans in Contemporary American/English Fiction”


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