FDD - First Year Courses Learning Assistants Call: IF 100

We are looking for Learning Assistants (LAs) for IF 100 (Computational Approaches to Problem Solving) for the upcoming Fall semester (Fall 2022-2023). 

It is an opportunity for you if you would like to 

  • be in interaction with the freshman students and believe that you can help them to understand better, and

  • be a part of the team that will teach the students the most important skills they will be needing in their professional lives, and

  • get a work scholarship based on your weekly working hours. 

If you would like to apply for the part-time job of IF 100 LAship in the Spring term, you should fill the form given below until 23:59 on September 7th, Wednesday.


Note that there will be a preselection process among the applicants, and the selected candidates may or may not be taken into an oral interview before the semester starts. 

The catalog entry for IF 100 is also given below for your convenience.

Computational Approaches to Problem Solving: The course is an introduction to the key concepts in computational thinking such as algorithmic thinking, abstraction and decomposition. The students will also gain basic programming skills in order to apply computational thinking concepts in practice. Through the lectures, homeworks, and interactive recitations specific to different disciplines, the students will learn how to design algorithms, how to divide a problem into subproblems, and how to build a solution by means of compositions. Evaluation of the solutions in terms of correctness and efficiency will also be covered. In order to enable students to apply computational thinking skills in practice, basic programming concepts, such as variables, statements, conditionals, iteration, and functions will be introduced by using a simple programming language such as Python.