How about a journey through the exciting world of literature, arts, philosophy, and music?

All synchronous Major Works (HUM) lectures will be open to all until the end of the add-drop period.

You are welcome to join us and experience the journey. You may actually decide to keep on board.

Tell me Muse... on Tuesday 10:40, click to join HUM 201

What is art? on Wednesday 10:40, click to join HUM 202

Do you want to wake from your dogmatic slumbers? on Tuesday 14:40, click to join HUM 207


Beethoven the Immortal, for a preview of HUM 304, click

When are we ever at "home"? on Tuesday 14:40 & Thursday 12:40, click to join HUM 311

What is a modern masterpiece? on Friday 10:40, click to join HUM 312

You want to do good. But how? on Wednesday 10:40 & Thursday 11:40, click to join HUM 317

Keep it real! Realism! on Wednesday 14:40 & Thursday 13:40, click to join HUM 321

Who decides what is "art" and "what is "popular" music? for a preview of HUM 324, click


If you have completed SPS 101 and SPS 102, you can choose among 200-coded HUM courses (HUM 201, HUM 202, HUM 207) during the add-drop period unless capacity is full. Please note that special approval may be required.

If you have already completed any of the 200-coded courses (HUM 201, HUM 202, HUM 203, HUM 204, HUM 206, HUM 211, HUM 212, HUM 214, HUM 221, HUM 224, HUM 231, HUM 232, HUM 241, HUM 261), you can choose among 300-coded HUM courses during the add-drop period.

The system will give you a pre-requisite error during registration. Please send a pre-requisite override request through the system. You can register once the instructor approves your request.

If you have already taken and passed HUM 201 or HUM 202, you can take any of the 300-coded HUM courses without pre-requisite approval. 

We would also like to remind you that the 300-coded courses are new courses and do not count for the 200-coded HUM courses of previous semesters.

Any Major Works (HUM) courses taken after the completion of mandatory HUM course requirements will be counted as free electives.


For general information on Major Works Courses, please visit:

For your questions, please contact N. Zeynep Yelçe (