EXEMPTION FROM THE FIRST-YEAR UNIVERSITY COURSES                                     

Students who fulfill the outlined requirements are entitled to exemption from “Calculus I” (MATH 101) and “Computational Approaches to Problem Solving” (IF 100).

MATH 101 - Calculus I

Students, who

  • have not yet taken MATH 101
  • get at least 85/100 from the “MATH 101 Exemption Exam”  

Calculus Early Transcendentals 2nd Edition (Global Edition), Briggs, Cochran & Gillett, Pearson.

Contents of the Exemption Exam:

-Elementary functions and limits (Chapters 1, 2)
-Derivatives: definition, interpretation, computation and applications (Chapters 3, 4)
-Integral: definition, interpretation, and computation (Chapters 5, 7)

Please click for the sample exam.

IF 100 - Computational Approaches to Problem Solving

Students, who

  • have not yet taken IF 100
  • are successful from the “IF 100 Exemption Exam” 

IF 100 Exemption Exam is similar to a typical final exam of the course and it is in English.

The following will be evaluated:

(i)  Apply computational thinking skills in practice.

(ii) Syntax of basic programming concepts in Python, such as variables, assignment statements, input/output operations, conditional statements, loops, modular programming, file operations, and data structures like sequences and dictionaries, together with their application on real-life problems.

IF100 course materials (lecture notes, recitation examples, sample questions, homework, etc.) from the summer school are here:


Students can take one-sided one-page A4 notepaper (cheatsheet) prepared by handwriting.

Exemption Exams Dates and Application

For 2021-2022 Spring Semester;

  • IF 100 Exemption Exam will be held on Monday, February 28th in FENS G035 at 17.40 physically,
  • MATH 101 Exemption Exam will be held on Wednesday, March 2nd in FENS G077 at 17.40 physically.

If you want to take the exam, please fill in the form below link until February 27th at 15:00.


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