According to the results of the MATH 101 Exemption Exam, students who have a right exemption from MATH 101 course are below. 

If the student chooses to be exempted from  MATH 101, he/she is required to submit a written statement to the Foundations Development Directorate (Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences G016 room) regarding his/her acceptance of the grade shown in tables  no later than Friday, September  30th,2011, 17:00.

Unless a written statement is given to the FDD within the above indicated deadline, the student is required to take the course at the first semester that it is offered in.

14277 Abdurrahman Burak
14297 Ensar Güneşdoğdu
14506 Bilal Demir
14131 Abdülkadir Canatar
15706 Emrehan Aktuğ
15487 Ogün Onur Kibar
13908 Ersin  Çukurtaş 
15154 Tuğrul Orkun Akyol
15394 Eyüp Can Özbek
15474 Arman Galioğlu
15177 Rıdvan Kahraman
15170 Can Gemicioğlu
15210 Cansu  Yıldırım
14475 Akın  Gökalan
15582 Ata Otaran

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Foundation Development Directorate