Bioinformatics Roadshow at Sabancı University

Sabanci University is hosting a Bioinformatics Roadshow between 12 and 14th April 2011.

Details of the program are given at

Sabancı Roadshow will focus on protein, enzyme and protein structural resources and will train experimental biologists in how to make the most of some of Europe’s most widely used public biological databases, such as Ensembl, UniProt, ArrayExpress, PDBe, InterPro, BRENDA, PRIDE, IntAct and Reactome.

More than 30 students from different universities in Turkey will participate in the roadshow and receive training from Marie-Claude Blatter (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics), Jawahar Swaminathan (European Bioinformatics Institute), Daniel Rios Torres (European Bioinformatics Institute) and Michael Rother (Technical University Braunschweig). The local coordinator is Zehra Sayers from Sabanci University.

The roadshow is funded by European Commission as part of the SLING ( Integrating Action. More information about the programme is available on the Bioinformatics Roadshow website: