Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Alpar
Recorded Date: Spring 2011
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“Science of Nature” courses aim to selectively introduce some of the basic concepts of our knowledge of nature, to look at natural laws in their interconnectivity, and to initiate an experience of the way science operates, by sharing the method of scientific thinking with students.

“Science of Nature” is a year-long science course and is a part of Sabanci University’s core curriculum. Every Sabancı University student takes this course during the first year of undergraduate education. The first semester of the course is NS101, which before 2014, included the fundamental concepts of physical science: motion of masses, dynamics of electromagnetic fields, basics of statistical physics in terms of the ideal gas, and the basic idea of quantum mechanics – wave particle duality.

The lectures on this site were recorded in Spring 2011, during which Mehmet Ali Alpar taught the course. The course book in Turkish can be purchased at bookstores:

Doğayı Öğrenmek : Fizik 
M. Ali Alpar, Zeynep Alpar (Çevirmen)
Publisher: Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Yayınevi (1 September 2019)
ISBN: 978-6054787425

Please note that the NS101/102 course contents and format were updated in 2014, and now the course is given in a modular format with much more integrated contents.