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Asian Science Camp is an annual event that aims to enlighten science-talented youths through discussions and dialogues with top scholars and technologists in the world and to promote international friendship and cooperation among the best young students of the next generation in Asia.
Around 300 students outstanding in Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Mathematics aged between 16-19 from approximately 30 different Asian countries participate in the ASC. Nobel Laureates or eminent scientists are invited as Plenary/Key note Lecturers and provide a stimulating programme, including plenary sessions, parallel discussion sessions, student’s poster presentation, social activities, and excursions. The working language is in English.
Since the start-up of the ASC in 2007 Sabancı University carries out the selection of the Turkish Delegation and the participation organization. It is a big challenge for us to make the best selection by increasing the number of applicants through the announcement of the Call to various schools. Sabancı University Academicians select the delegation rigorously among the applicants
Delegation is supported in terms of content and technical issues and participates to the camp with an accompanying team leader assigned by Sabancı University. 

Host countries since 2007 are listed below;

  1. Taiwan / Taipei (2007) 
  2. Indonesia / Bali (2008)
  3. Japan / Tsukuba (2009) 
  4. India / Mumbai (2010)
  5. South Korea / Daejeon (2011)
  6. Israel / Jerusalem (2012)
  7. Japan / Tsukuba (2013)
  8. Singapore / Nanyang (2014)
  9. Thailand / Bangkok (2015)
  10. India / Bengaluru (2016)
  11. Malaysia / Kampar (2017)
  12. Indonesia / Manado (2018)
  13. China / Shantau (2019)


China / Shantau (2019)

Team Leader: Sabancı University Materials Science and Engineering Phd Student Melike Nur Önder

  1. Doğaç Enginsu Kon - Private Kocaeli Bahçeşehir IB High School
  2. Elif Pehlivanlı - Ankara Science High School
  3. Umut Ölmez - Hisar School
  4. Güneş Şarsel - Uskudar American Academy
  5. İsmail Cem Cidem - Galatasaray High School


Indonesia / Manado (2018)

Team Leader: Sabancı University Physics Masters Student Deniz Boz

  1. Selin Öz - Hisar School
  2. Feray Ok - Koç High School
  3. Mert Kaan Denizciler - Koç High School
  4. Ekin Seçilmiş – Galatasaray High School
  5. Tuğçe Er - Adapazarı ENKA Schools


Malaysia / Kampar (2017)

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Team Leader: Sabancı University Materials Science and Engineering Masters Student İpeknaz Özden

  1. Ecem Sönmez- Hisar School
  2. Hazal Sabiha Ergelen - TEVİTOL
  3. Selin Kolsuz - TEVİTOL
  4. Sema Alara Değirmenci - Robert College
  5. Sıla Beyda Bekiroğlu - Saint Joseph High School 


India / Bengaluru (2016)

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Team Leader: Sabancı University Materials Science and Engineering Phd Student Aysu Yurduşen

  1. Ongun Uzay Macar - Robert College
  2. Simay Yazıcıoğlu- Robert College
  3. Melisa Yıldırım- İzmir Science High School
  4. Umut Eren Usturalı - İzmir Science High School
  5. Sinan Rasim Onukar - Saint Joseph French High School
  6. Cansel Canaz- Adapazarı ENKA Schools
  7. Seçkin Yaşar - Ankara Science High School


Thailand / Bangkok (2015)

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Team Leader: Getronagan Armenian High School Physics Teacher Yester Özmerinoğlu


  1. Ekin Böke - Ankara Science High School
  2. Elif Nur Ulusoy - Adapazarı ENKA Schools
  3. Emre Mert İpekoğlu - Middle East Technical University
  4. Gizem Dal - Saint-Joseph High School
  5. Güner Ali Yenal - Hisar Schools
  6. Hakan Dingenç - TEVITOL
  7. Hasan Selçuk Özcan - İzmir Science High School
  8. Nihal Irmak Pakiş - Robert College