Foundations Development Directorate invites you all to our Core Curriculum Keynote! 

This new annual keynote event aims to facilitate an environment of discussion regarding the latest developments in higher education, teaching, and core-curriculum related general education systems. Every year, FDD will be hosting keynote speakers, whose talks will be followed by a panel discussion where you can ask your questions to the speaker and get engaged with the issue under discussion. Following this first year's event, FDD will be conducting surveys for the selection of the annual keynote speakers, and panel participation and questions are always open to your feedback and contributions.

We are excited to announce that the first event will take place on Friday, June 7, 2024. This year's keynote speaker is İnanç Ayar with the title "Hey AI, So, What Are We Now? AI as a Being: Exploring its Nature and Impact on Higher Education." The event will be held at SBS G013 starting at 13.30.

The first hour of the event will feature İnanç Ayar's keynote address, followed by a panel discussion in the second hour. Our respected panelists for this session are Öznur Taştan, Junko Kanero and Matteo Paganin. The panel is moderated by Yuki Kaneko. The abstract is found below.

We look forward to your participation and valuable contributions!

You are welcome to share this event with your colleagues outside of Sabancı University.


"Hey AI, So, What Are We Now?"
AI as a Being: Exploring its Nature and Impact on Higher Education

İnanç Ayar
Fikri Tesisat, Founder

Abstract: In this keynote, we’ll explore what it means to consider AI as a ‘being’. We’ll explore AI’s unique features and its potential impacts on higher education. By examining the evolving relationship between humans and AI, we'll gain valuable insights into the future of learning and teaching. Viewing AI as a being can enrich our interactions with it and open up new opportunities in education that we might not have seen before.