Dear Students,

You have been automatically enrolled in freshman courses by Student Resources. If you do not have a course registration HOLD, you can see your schedule in mySU following the steps below. 

  • Student Information System > Student > Registration > Student Schedule by Day & Time


  • mySU > myInfo > Current Schedule

To login to the course registration system is not allowed for students who are in the first semester and second semester of freshman year during the course registration on September 26-30. These students can login and change their sections only during the add-drop period (October 11-12). Old freshman students can change their sections both during registration week and during the add-drop period. Freshman courses added by Student Resources cannot be dropped.

According to the SU Academic Calendar, "University Enrollment For International Degree UNDERGRADUATE Students" will take place on 27-29 September 2022. These students can see their schedule after they register at the university. 

Have a good semester