Dear Students,

  • All of the freshman course registrations have been completed. You can view the schedule of your courses via,

Student Information System > Student > Registration > Student Schedule by Day & Time


mySU > myInfo > Current Schedule

  • If you are a first-year freshman (in the first or second term), you are only allowed to login to the system during the add/drop period (see above). You are allowed to change sections and/or add an additional course with the condition that your total load does not exceed 20 credits.  If you are not a first-year freshman, then you are allowed to login to the system both during the course registration days and during the add/drop period.

Course registrations : 21-25 February 2022

Add-drop :  8-9 March 2022

For further inquiries please consult the Foundations Development Directorate (FDD)

Contact Person: Arzu Kıran, 0216 483 97 08