Dear Students,

According to the results of the ENG 101 Exemption Exam (FEEE 101), students who are exempt from ENG 101 course are below.

Exemption Application:

If the student chooses to be exempt from  ENG 101, he/she is required to submit a written statement to the Foundations Development Directorate (Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences G016 room) regarding his/her acceptance of the grade today (until at 16:00).

Unless a written statement is given to the FDD within the above indicated deadline, the student is required to take the course in the first semester that it is offered.

StudentsFEEE GradeTranscript Grade 
Manizeh KhalidAA
Sharjeel ShabihAA
Mursoy (Murooj Barder Saleh) GhanemAA
Mobeen Ahmed WarraichAA
Hajrah RahmanA--A
Ramis ArbiAA
Esma UzarAA
Anar İbrhimovAA
Mehmet Akif NaymanA--A
Serra Naz SalomAA
Mohamed Shafik MaaroufA--A
Yaprak TaşyumrukAA
Talha Şamil ÇakırAA
Faik Cenk GüvenA--A