Dear Students,

Since 2013 Fall semester, PROJ 102 became a university course which is mandatory for all students. Beginning 2014-2015 academic year, the registrations for PROJ 102 will be done automatically by the Student Resources in accord with the capacities determined by the Foundations Development Directorate.

The following students will be automatically registered to PROJ 102 in 2014-2015 Fall semester:

  1. Students who enrolled in the undergraduate program in the previous years and were required to complete this course but did not,
  2.  Students who entered the university on 2013 or before and are starting the undergraduate program in 2014-2015 academic year.

If you belong to either of the two groups above, note that you will be automatically registered to this course, which is worth 3 credits, like the other first year university courses.

Students who entered the university in 2014 and are beginning their undergraduate program in Fall semester will be registered to PROJ 102 in Spring semester.

We will send you information about the two-step registration process of PROJ 102 in the next few days.  

You can contact for your questions.

We wish you a very pleasant semester,
Foundations Development Directorate