In the upcoming fall semester, you'll embark on an exciting academic journey with our Freshman University Courses (UCs). No need to worry about registration - we've got you covered! You'll be automatically enrolled in the following UCs to kickstart your university experience.

Course Code Course Description Credit
CIP 101N Civic Involvement Project 0
HIST 191 Principles of Atatürk and the History of the Turkish Revolution I 2
IF 100 Computational Approaches to Problem Solving 3
MATH 101 Calculus I 3
NS 101 Science of Nature I 4
SPS 101 Humanity and Society I 3
TLL 101 Turkish Language and Literature I 2
Total Credits   17


Once you successfully complete 101/191 level courses, your path to the 102/192 level courses in the spring is clear. No need for extra steps - we'll handle the registration for you.

Course Code Course Description Credit
HIST 192 Principles of Atatürk and the History of the Turkish Revolution II 2
AL 102 Academic Literacies 3
MATH 102 Calculus II 3
NS 102 Science of Nature II 4
SPS 102 Humanity and Society II 3
TLL 102 Turkish Language and Literature II 2
Total Credits   17


If s student receives an "F", "U", "NA" or "W" in any of the 101/191 level courses, they will be automatically reregistered for the corresponding course in the upcoming semester. This means they won't have the opportunity to advance to the 102/192 level until they successfully complete the course.

For example, if you face a setback in NS101 during the fall semester you'll have another shot at it in the spring. Once you successfully complete NS101, we'll automatically enroll you in NS102.

It is important to note that irregular students will find themselves, registered for the fall semester course list during the spring semester. Don't worry though - all university courses are available every academic semester.