peersThe FDD Promoting Excellence in Education & Resource Sharing (PEERS) Initiative aims to provide primarily FDD instructors the support for enhancement of current teaching methods, promoting various student-centered approaches through consultations, peer observations, course-design feedback, and professional-development programs/workshops/seminars.  It will also manage and layout the options for available classroom technology tools to SU educators, in the aim of improving education quality while providing ease of use.  The initiative also organizes the annual SU Education Conferences.

Additionally the initiative is expected to collaborate and act as a connection point between FDD and the SU IT team, as well as education committees of faculties, School of Languages, and education-related units within the Center for Individual and Academic Development.

Our Vision & Mission

The Foundation Development Directorate (FDD) is committed to being the leader in teaching excellence at SU, leveraging our extensive experience in innovative teaching approaches across disciplines gained through our core curriculum courses. By providing our students with learner-centered, active learning experiences, we are dedicated to empowering educators from all disciplines through sharing best practices and resources, exploring innovative methods, and collaborating with other teaching-related units both on campus and beyond. Our goal is to foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in teaching, to ensure that our students receive the highest quality education.

PEERS 1-year roadmap (This is an evolving roadmap, so subject to change)


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PEERS Activities

All activities are open to SU members with priority given to the FDD instructors.



Are you looking for a way to reform your class to better engage students?

Start from here!


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Peer Observations

Would you like to reflect and receive feedback on your teaching in class?

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Seminars & Workshops

Find out upcoming professional development seminars and workshops that can help you become an even more effective teacher!

Course Design Feedback

How effective is your class currently?  We can help evaluate your current teaching practice and course design, and suggest elements that could be incorporated into your course to increase student engagement.

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TA/LA Training

Need help in training and development of your Teaching Assistants (TAs) and/or Learning Assistants (LAs)?  We've got programs that we can share!

Education Technology Support

Looking for an effective use of education technology tools or incorporating generative AI tools in your class?

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SU Commons for Teaching and Learning

Looking for resources or want to connect with SU educator community?

Learning Assistant (LA) Program

Would you like to work with undergraduate Learning Assistants (LAs) in your class?  There are tons of benefits having LAs in your class!

Education Conference

We meet annually with the university educator community to share good teaching practices and discuss our education.  

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

We value evidence-based approaches in teaching and learning, and share our findings with the international higher-education community.


Welcome to PEERS! We are a collective of individuals brought together by a shared passion for growth, learning, and collaboration.




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