Dear student of the Sabancı University class of 2021-22,

Welcome to Sabancı University. You worked very hard to achieve the level of success required to be here and you succeeded. You will have the most wonderful years of your youth at our university and one day you will graduate as a proud alumnus to realize your dreams. However, you need to walk a path, unlike any other alumni before you! The global pandemic of COVID-19 is still deeply affecting higher education around the world and Sabancı University is no exception to that. We have good news though! Our campus will be accessible this fall, inevitably within the boundaries possible during a pandemic. Sabancı University has prepared itself meticulously to provide a hybrid / blended learning environment. I am happy to tell you that there will be many opportunities to attend certain components of our courses on-campus. We will have to wait for life to go back to normal until this historical crisis is over, but there is much to be excited about. We focus all our energies on finding new ways to interact with our students and experiment with the most contemporary ways of learning. We believe that this will make your experience unique, and make the Sabancı University family much stronger. We know that there will be inconveniences along the way this fall. We are ready for them and so should you be. Don’t worry, we shall persevere! We will find new ways to learn and interact in this extraordinary situation and we will mature together. This is the first hybrid / blended education semester in the history of our institution, and we will seek and create excellence together with you. Please join us in finding the motivation and the strength to persevere through these difficult times as members of Sabancı University. Let this simple hoodie be a memento symbolizing our recognition of the challenges we all face during this pandemic and a source of hope and encouragement for your new beginning. I welcome you all on behalf of all our wonderful colleagues contributing to the Foundations Development Program, that is our unique core curriculum design.


Sapere aude! Dare to know! 
Hope to see you on campus someday,

Emre Erol
Foundations Development Director

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Academic Literacies (AL)
Civic Involvement Projects (CIP) - I
Civic Involvement Projects (CIP) - II
Principles of Atatürk and the History of the Turkish Revolution (HIST)
Major Works (HUM) - I
Major Works (HUM) - II
Major Works (HUM) - III
Computational Approaches to Problem Solving (IF)
Calculus (MATH)
Science of Nature (NS) - I
Science of Nature (NS) - II
Science of Nature (NS) - III
Science of Nature (NS) - IV
Undergraduate Project Course (PROJ)
Humanity and Society (SPS)
Humanity and Society (SPS) - II
Law and Ethics (SPS 303)
Turkish Language and Literature (TLL)


  Feel the energy!


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