Gallipoli trip is also included in the scope of HIST 192 The Principles of Atatürk II course. This excursion, usually held in May, is led by the professors and assistants from the Principles of Atatürk course, and all Sabancı University students, staff, and their family and friends are invited. Most of the trip fees paid by those who join the tour are contributed to Sabancı University’s scholarship fund.

The trip begins at 07:00 with a fast ferry (Seabus) ride from Bostancı’s ferryport to Gallipoli’s ferryport. During the four-hour ride, instructors such as Halil Berktay, Cemil Koçak, and Akşin Somel present, in both Turkish and English, the history of the late Ottoman Empire and the events that led up to the clashes at Gallipoli. Detailed information concerning the battles in the Dardanelles and on the Gallipoli peninsula is provided by the professors; maps and illustrations are also provided for the participants in booklets. After the lecture we have sandwiches for lunch before we come to the Gallipoli port.

In Gallipoli, buses take us to a tour of the peninsular battlefields under the guidance of history program graduate students. The first stop is Seddülbahir, and with the space of 45 minutes we see the Yahya Çavuş Memorial, the cannon and casemates of the 1st Bastion, the English Memorial. Afterwards, we get on the buses again to travel around Morto Bay while listening the story of the sunken British battleship Goliath. Around 14:00 we reach the Çanakkale Memorial where, again within 45 minutes we can tour the memorial monuments and the museum. We then pass through Anzac Cove on the buses and continue to Kabatepe Information Center, where we stay for one hour. Afterwards, we go to Chunnuk Bair (Conk Bayırı) and visit the 57.Troop Cemetery and the memorial monuments. There, our professors and assistants explain the events of the morning of 25 April 1915.

We then go back to Gallipoli by bus to have a sunset dinner at the port waterfront. At 20:00 we head to our Seabus and, on the way back to İstanbul singing, and even dancing too, traditional Turkish songs has become the norm.

Shuttles to the SÜ campus, Kadıköy, and Taksim will be awaiting our arrival at Bostancı.