Foundations Development Directorate

Students who would like to study at Sabancı University choose their faculty rather than department, based on their University Entrance Examination score, and start their studies in Foundation Development Program. This program, being at the core of our education system, aims to bring to an equal level the varying backgrounds of students so that they are able to make an informed decision about their major program of study as a result of the courses taken therein. 

Foundation Development Program is one of the distinguishing features of the education we offer and is based on two essential steps:  

1.      Foundation Development Year (FDY) aims to develop students’ English and communication skills,   

2.      University Courses aim to develop critical perspectives by exposing students to multi-disciplinary courses and thereby give students the opportunity to familiarize with all undergraduate programs.


Foundation Development Directorate (FDD) coordinates Foundation Development Program and is involved with the following:

=> Developing and overseeing University Courses,

=> Coordinating FDY courses through School of Languages,

=> Coordinating Civic Involvement Projects (CIP) and CIP 101 course projects,

=> Facilitating students’ adaptation to the university through Academic Support     Unit, focusing on learning centered programs of study,

=> Developing and overseeing civic oriented projects.