Registration to all freshman year university courses listed below is undertaken automatically by the joint effort of Student Resources and Foundation Development Directorate the weekend right before course registration week. Students can view their course schedule during the week of course registration. Students are automatically registered to university courses until they pass them; firstly to 101/191 level courses, and passing those, secondly to 102/192 level courses. All university courses are offered in each academic semester. 

Students are not eligible to drop the freshman year university courses they are already enrolled in. They can only change the sessions of these courses during the add-drop period as specified in the academic calendar. Repeaters can change their sessions both during add-drop and during registration week.

All students maintain the right to withdraw from these courses. A student can withdraw two times in a single semester and a total of six times throughout her entire undergraduate education. 

Freshman year university courses are: CIP 101*, PROJ 102*, MJC 100, ENG 101-102, HIST 191-192, MATH 101-102, NS 101-102, SPS 101-102, TLL 101-102

* Registrations to CIP 101 and PROJ 102 are completed in the following order.

  Fall Semester  Spring Semester

New freshman + international students + CIP 101 repetaters

Irregular freshman + students currently in Foundations Development Year+ CIP 101 repeaters

Students who have completed at least one semester of study in Foundations Development Year + PROJ 102 repeaters

Students who have completed the fall semester of freshman year + PROJ 102 repeaters