=> Freshman courses (MATH 101/102, NS 101/102, SPS 101/102, HIST 191/191, ENG 101/102, TLL 101/102, PROJ 102, MJC 100, CIP 101)

=> "Major Works" courses (HUM 2xx codes)

=> Junior course (SPS 303)

About the University Courses

=> All the University Courses are introductory-level.

=> They are designed to provide students with basic background to follow faculty courses and to facilitate an informed and mature decision making process for the choice of a major and career field.

=> All University Courses are interrelated emphasizing the connections between the natural sciences, social sciences and the their subdisciplines.

=> They equip students not only with fundamental knowledge but with the tools of independent and critical thinking.

=> They provide students with innovative and indepth perspectives of the world, their country, their society, and themselves.

=> Aims to provide students with personal choices and tastes.